How to become a Great Boss

A practical workshop to kickstart
entrepreneurs and startup founders
on their leadership journey

Your business is starting, fundings are secured, product gets traction. Now it’s time to grow and hire. 
No pressure but…

as your team will grow, 
your attitude & behaviour
will be key to lead your company on the right path

Let's just ask Internet and relatives: be tough, be gentle, push, pull stay present, stay afar  be a general, a steward, a mentor, a coach a visionnaire, strategist, detail oriented bold, calm  share your burden, don't show struggle don't stand in the way, lead the way

… Confusing?

This workshop is meant to provide you structure for the journey in front of you

  • how do leadership styles articulate?
  • what’s your natural style today?
  • what should you develop, how and when?

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