My clients are hungry.

They have stakes and they need a change to happen.

If that’s your case, I provide different approaches to help you depending on your context and your journey.


Leading an Agile transformation

but realize that Big Plans won’t get you there,

➔ I helped clients leading change with strategy and not just yet another big-plan-ready-to-roll-out.

Check a couple of case studies I described on my blog

You’re looking to

Make your teams Freakin’ Great

Not just ok, or even good. Great. Capital G. Impressive. Filling your heart with pride. Or did you loose that target?

➔ you’d be surprised how fast I can turn your team to be limitless

I helped more than a hundred teams over my 12 years of Agile coaching. I know the ins and outs of coaching them to limitless performance.

You looking for 

Clarity and Focus on your new Agile role 

So many uncertain advices and literature out there, it feels like drowning, right?

➔ I designed specific Agile Role Trainings along my 10 years of coaching focussed on anchoring the best habits and principles early on


Don’t know where to start?

Simply send me a message

Or maybe, maybe you just have a nagging question, just a little stone that get your team or yourself stuck, something an expert can address in 25 or 45 minutes?

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