On numbers

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NumbersThis summer, we had a national coordination week-end, a good time for updating our national member count. We discovered we are not 350 anymore (last year’s estimations) but closer to 300, probably 305. That’s when this altitude question came back to my conscience.

But I must say I do not trust these numbers, I think these datas are highly unaccurate.
I’ll try to explain that in the coming articles.

(if you don’t like talking about numbers, skip these and wait for the article about the health facts of french Rotaract)

Who’s got an altimeter ?

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I said already I felt a personal urgence to know what happened to us, like : I don’t want to stay with that mystery all my life. But another question came, more profund, more hidden after all these years. The frightening one, you’ve heard it in every plane drama movie : the altitude question

“-Situation seems back under control, captain !

– OK, How high are we from the ground, now ?”

This question means : How risky is our present situation ?

For Rotaract either, if we talk about a past fall, we need now an “altimeter”. Here’s how we can get it : let’s review what numbers we have and what they tell us, and then review what other healthindicators we could use.

When I woke up

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From the beginning, i’ve been told we were declining. Or, more precisely, that after decades of stability we’ve been declining… and were now stable again. When I came to Rotaract it was said we are 400 people involved in France. Then maybe 500 next year, or around 350… Well, i’ve heard numbers.

Then one day, I’ve decided to know more than urban legends about that. Here is the story.

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