Transforming a Traditional TV Network to a Huge Digital Media Success


A national TV broadcasting network based in France was facing pressure to be a frontrunner in digital media. It needed to ramp up its production and digital development to keep pace with giant entertainment platforms and the public’s media consumption habits. Among the TV broadcaster’s challenges were: 

Weekly crashes on TV production. Low-level software and poor dev-ops practices caused problems, which resulted in a growing distrust between the IT team and media branches.

Increasing pressure for digital media growth. While existing problems continued to hamper the broadcasting network, it was also facing more pressure to satisfy the public, compete with entertainment platform companies, and grow exponentially. 

Approach and Solution:

Together with coach Jean-Claude Grosjean, we worked with the broadcaster’s whole digital division to drive a digital transformation. We decided on an approach and designed a solution that was composed of four major steps to work towards our goal.

  • Collaborate with the CTO of the digital division to build a better strategy
    • We created a vision and established a culture of urgency to drive organizational change and execute a better strategy.
    • There were also scheduled weekly strategic follow-ups to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Approach teams and stakeholders as one
    • Media and IT were addressed as collaborating teams to establish unity and trust.
    • We also provided one-on-one coaching for different organisation roles such as sponsors, agile managers, and product managers.
  • Help the teams achieve an organic and adaptive agile transition
    • We conscientiously reviewed each product to discover opportunities and consider and design new strategies and approaches. 
    • After launching a pilot project, we provided coaching and mentoring for new and upcoming ones. 
    • Audits were also done for existing projects, while coaching services were provided when needed.
    • We also patiently worked on and gained the buy-in of everyone from IT team members to media branches.
  • Ensure stable and resilient Agile practice
    • We used simplified Agility metrics to properly review progress and eventual performance plateau. 
    • Expertise was generously shared and on-demand coaching was provided for advanced teams to continuously refine and improve their practices.
    • We also conducted training for internal coaches.
    • Circles of Practitioners were also created for various roles and topics of interest, which lead to thoughtful discussions and insightful solutions and strategies for addressing challenges. 

Success Story

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and practices, the national broadcasting network achieved growth and success, reaching high audience ratings. Some of the transformation highlights included:

  • 300 people from the network received high-quality coaching and mentoring.
  • With its team members equipped with the right skills and attitude, the broadcaster’s websites and apps such as FranceTVSport, FranceTVInfo, and CultureBox landed in the Top 3 in national audience rankings within three years. 
  • These achievements and success resulted in government sponsorships and high praises.
  • Now highly qualified, some of the network’s teams are even sharing their experiences at Tech and Agile conferences.