Agile Dojo Singapore – practice is learnt by practice

My long due project of Agile Dojos in Singapore have started and I’m so thrilled. It’s the first Tuesday of every month and anyone can register on

I believe that at some level, practice can only be learnt by practice. In this regard I’ve been longing for a meetup where I could exercise with other Agile practitioners and learn by comparing our approaches. In short: an Agile dojo.If you want to review the various sessions and register on meetup, here it is

To ensure the focus will stay on practice, here’s the charter synthetising the spirit

  • it’s a place and time focussed on practice
  • we favour transmission of knowledge by practicing together (companionship) instead of being taught
  • the dojo belongs to attenders. Act like it’s yours, make it interesting, bring ideas, raise your thoughts, convey people to join
  • not confidential: what is said and seen can be shared outside
  • diversity of practitioners improves the learning: brings your teammate, your colleague, your client, experts _and_ beginners

Agile Dojo Singapore

Singapore, SG
468 Agile practioners

We believe that Agile practices are better learnt by practice. This meetup is a space where Agile practioners like you come to practice together in order to share their skills…

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