About Giom Duquesnay

With coding as my passion, I started my career as a Java specialist and enterprise software architect. Since then, I have shifted my focus on agile coaching. I have trained executives, managers, and team leaders to find innovative solutions to work faster and smarter and deliver results. I also frequent coding dojos and tech meetups, as an advocate of clean code programming and automated testing.

Giom Duquesnay

Organisation transformation for companies of all sizes

My expertise has helped a diverse set of clients.I have served as a company coach for emerging startups and big businesses in South East Asia, France, and the US.

What I do for leaders

Clarity & Focus

Part of leadership is bringing everyone on the same page. As a business coach, I will help corporate leaders have a clear vision of what they want and how they can get it done. With this, they can unite their teams with a shared goal and lead them to dynamically execute and take on projects.

Strategic Leadership

By sharing agile core principles and best practices, I will help managers and team leaders design an effective strategy that will build self-organising teams who are empowered with the proper skills, habits, and mindset. As teams successfully adopt new ways of working, they will deliver greater value to their organisation.

Agile Transformation

A proper understanding of a business is crucial in transforming it to its full potential. Given this knowledge, I sit down with business leaders for purposeful conversations to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement. Based on these, we will reinvent the company’s structure based on the team’s needs and foster a culture of continuous development.

What I do for teams

Role Empowerment

Through my agile role training programs that are tailor-fitted to a company’s needs, I help organisations develop holistic teams with cross-functional expertise that can smartly work and grow together to move their business forward.

Purposeful Productivity

Agile transformation includes understanding the organisation’s goals, developing everyone’s strengths, and streamlining processes. I will help managers lead a successful implementation of an agile workflow. Teams will be able to have a clarity of purpose and will focus and prioritize crucial work to efficiently complete tasks and projects.

Agile Organisation

For an organisation to accommodate the ever-changing demands of their clients and keep pace with their competitors, they need to be composed of teams that are smart and flexible, able to react and thrive in any sudden shift in the industry.

I will help companies initiate this growth within their teams–empowering them to be agile. Through my guidance, they will get buy-in from everyone to embrace agile practices, foster a culture of collaboration and communication, and build towards the growth of their company.

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I provide agile management and role training to deliver results, from startups to global enterprises.

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