• 1976 Born in Paris
  • 1985 Apple IIe coder
  • 1994 First Roleplaying Game
  • 1999 Young software engineer
  • 2005 IT Consultant
  • 2009 Agile coach
  • 2013 Independant Agile Coach
  • 2015 move to South East Asia
  • 2016 Independant coach in SG

Coach profile

  • Brings together coaching, change leadership and facilitation
  • Coached leaders in transforming their organisation together with their teams
  • Helped organisation bridge silos
  • Foster a culture of high performance driven by the Agile principles
  • Accustomed to teams of different cultures, has experience in France, India, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Brazil
  • Accustomed to organisations of different styles and domains: finance, private banking, insurance, industry, media, startups 
  • Specialized in high stake change management,  projects on the verge of failure, complex systems
  • IT professional, coder and software architect since forever 
  • French native, fluent in English

Coaching approach

  • Coaching change leaders on
    vision and change strategy, leadership, organizational culture, how to drive change on the long run
  • Training and coaching Agile managers on
    learning organisation, empowering management, systemic thinking, energizing teams
  • Coaching teams in a quick and reliable manner to agile practices
    Inception, trainings, onboarding, followup 
  • Emphasize at all level on the collective dynamic as to accelerate learning and transition with
    efficient decision making, feed-backs, shared responsibility.

Born and raised in software and technology

I’ve been coding since childhood and made it my first career (Java/JEE specialist, Software architect, Enterprise Software Architect). Nowadays I focus on Agile coaching, but you may find me in coding dojos and tech meetups as an advocate of clean code and the art of automated testing