Steering the ship: integrate risks (a sailing story)

For as much time we spend estimating a project, it is just one likely scenario among many others. Agile teams are not shy of this, overthinking story points estimates and velocity. It doesn’t mean…

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Rekindle the connection between the team and the sponsor

As an agile practitioner, do you avoid the word "reporting"? This concept, in my experience, has gotten a bad rap with mismanaged teams that don't have balanced relationship with their sponsors. The…

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Scrum Master: 5 keys to hit the ground running

Scrum Master is very different in nature than many enterprise roles., This can be very disorienting. As I care for people to start their Agile Journey with confidence, here are on top of my head 5…

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Encouraging team’s freedom : how much is enough ?

When talking with directors about how to enable collective intelligence and co-responsability in their teams, they usually find me too strict regarding their own behavior.

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[Video] Looking for remote Agile tools? Think remote supplies instead

Since the pandemic, I feel that the focus on tools instead of practices has been on overdrive.

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To improve people’s work, stay in the work context

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a general unease about bringing non-work related elements in order to improve a work-related situation.

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