“How to do your transformation right” / 31 May at Voxxed Days ’19

Coaches in Singapore comment among themselves how the transformations in the region are done wrong, leading to a puzzling absence of any success story. To me, it’s frustration and sadness.

Frustration when I compare to everything I’ve learnt over the years about change management. Sadness when I see what some clients are going through while their transformation is dragging for years without much to show for it. Fatigue is felt.

It was time to tame my frustration, turn it to passion, and speak up.

Since I submitted the topic, my brain has been racking up everything I learnt and everything I witnessed on transformations good and bad. While working on the topic I had several aha moments, felt dots connecting, thoughts starting to simplify. I got way more clarity on what exactly is going wrong in the current trend and how to explain the difference with the approches that prove successful.

I’m fired up. See you there.

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