[Video] How to run your transformation right (Voxxed Days) – The talking points list

How to run your transformation right talking points

“How to run your transformation right” is out on YouTube.

For the impatient, the 4 lines take away is at 30’30”, timed link here

Here’s a table of content with timed links

0′ – intro – the sensitive coaching case that led me to “Transformation” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl5SAbduXlE
2’15” – inherent complexity of transformations and the failure of end-to-end plan https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=136
8’20” – Transformation principles to address complexity https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=500
9’00” – My main 2 books on transformations https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=540
9’35” – Strategy instead of plan https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=574
12’15” – Being Great is the goal https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=738
13’35” – First, Do it Right https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=815
14’09”- Gardening an organic growth https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=849
16’50” – The cost of a failed attempt at transforming https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1010
19’20” – Going slow is much faster https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1160
20’44” – Nurture, don’t scale https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1244
21’15” – Do you really need an Agile framework? https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1276
22’50” – Loosen Up https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1368
24’30” – The Secret Sauce of transformation no one talks about https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1470
27’19” – The problem with the scholarship attitude (vs learning organisation) https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1639
29’10” – The problem with Transformation Teams and Coach Armies (aka being High on Change) https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1754
30’30” – Take away & conclusion https://youtu.be/zl5SAbduXlE?t=1833

Tell me in the comments if there’s any topic you want me to dig in!

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