Context: national TV under pressure to be on the forefront of digital media while facing

  • Weekly crashes on production, low level of software and devops practices, distrust from media branches toward IT
  • 300 websites of various sizes relying on outdated technical stacks
  • Digital productions under political scrutiny, asked to grow N-fold
  • Working directly with the CTO of the digital division
  • Coaching for 3 years while being joined by a pair coach, Jean-Claude Grosjean

Approach: Accompanying Digital division as a whole into an organic transformation

1. Change strategy hand in hand with the CTO

  • Change management addressed early on (establishing urgency, vision, strategy)
  • Weekly strategic follow up

2. Approaching Teams and stakeholders as one

  • Addressing media and IT as joint teams
  • 1o1 coaching of organisational roles: sponsors, agile managers, product managers

3. Organic and adaptive Agile transition in the organisation

  • Going product by product, with consideration of opportunity and strategic consideration
  • Starting with one pilot project, then
  • Coaching of every new projects to run inception and delivery the Agile way
  • Audit of existing projects, on-demand coaching when necessary
  • Always waiting for buy-in from IT and media branches, then both included in the coaching

4. Stabilization and resilience of Agile practices

  • Using simplified Agility metrics to review progress and eventual plateaux
  • Expertise and coaching on-demand with advanced teams to refine and adjust their practices
  • Training internal coaches
  • Creating Circles of Practitioners for various roles and topic of interest

Outcome: state of the art tech and practices enabled several national top audience and breakthrough digital experience innovations

  • 300+ people coached (IT+business)
  • Several websites and apps becoming Top 3 national audience (FranceTVSport, FranceTVInfo, CultureBox)
  • Bold experiments to explore new digital experience along with TV experience
  • Achievements praised by government sponsorship
  • Teams now sharing their experience at Tech and Agile conferences
  • Fun fact on how a well running transformation momentum looks like: I was asked to help in the design phase of a new TV show after working with their digital front team