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Speaker bio for casual andf compact format

  • A coder since childhood (he’s now 41)
  • Developer for some years
  • Consultant and Agile coach for a bunch of other years
  • Original Frenchman, came to South East Asia two years ago
  • Based in Singapore, work for self (aren’t we all?)
  • Provide coaching, training and facilitation
  • Does lot of other stuff and likes many other stuff

Speaker Bio for Coaching & Agile transformation angle

Giom is specialized in change situations with a strong purpose. Stakes is what makes people move. Giom cares for what client want their organisation and themselves to become, and how fast they can get there. What he doesn’t care for is raising meaningless KPIs or putting an Agile label on things, or defending a method like it’s a religion.

About his past: he was a software craftsman from an early age, became a passionate Java/JEE guy, then an enterprise software architect. He’s only coding for a hobby now, but he still knows a crap software architecture when he sees is, or shiny technological objects for what they are.

Speaker Bio for Nerd, tech, and tinkering angle

Giom is a natural born nerd hiding as an Agile coach. Never comfortable in the comfort zone, he puts himself into stupid life experiments, learning new skills, or new hobbies.
He loves to think over the boundaries, mixing tinkering, communication, business, games. He wants to find the simpler truths that connect it all.
He tries to share as much as he can by coaching others and by sharing his learnings in public workshops and conferences.

Original Frenchman now based in Singapore, Giom works as an independent Agile coach and consultant. Coding is a hobby so he can still call a crap tech when he sees one.