As an entrepreneur you need maximum clarity,
yet it’s hard to find.

Of course, there are classic business challenges, such as product-market fit, funding vs burn rate, people management. But you are tested at a deeper level:
the fatigue of the front line ; too much freedom ; total accountability ; work-life balance. And then a pandemic came upon us to throw in the wind any predictability about the markets and our lives.

After 12 years coaching executive and teams in the corporate world, I want to give the gift of clarity to other fellow entrepreneurs. Would you like to try it?

What’s the deal?

1H, individual session, no fees, no strings attached.
10 sessions available, 1 max per person, first come first served.

How to book?

Click “Book a session” and pick a slot within 3 weeks among the many available. That’s it.

Who am I?

I’m an independent coach from France, usually advertised on organisation transformation and agility. I have been coaching like that since 2009 mostly in France, then South East Asia (since 2016), for company of various sizes and industry, and occasionally individuals and non profit organisations. Before that I was a software engineer and an IT change maker consultant. There’s a real nerd hiding in there.

Why am I giving this for free?

Originally I’m trying to focus more on helping startups, which I coached here and there with great pleasure across my journey.

Lately, as we realise that the pandemic won’t go away in a near future, I can see that people are struggling at a personal level. For us entrepreneurs, the impact is even higher as life and work are tightly connected. As a show of support to fellow entrepreneurs, I decided to give away some sessions but on personal coaching this time.

Is there a bad time to be coached?

Just come as you are! It’s ok to be on a bad mood, low energy, stressed, overwhelmed, or confused ; we will work with that.

Should I prepare any material?