Startup re-aligned on product vision and renew its innovative edge after scaling up

A growing startup loosing focus on product strategy and delivery

A growing startup loosing focus on product strategy and delivery

  •  Located in Jakarta, 50 actors among several development teams, 1 market team, 3 managers
  • Many features mismatch with users expressed interest or business focus after delivery
  • Mix and match bag of online services, disparate look & feel, due to lack of coordinated product approach
  • Local culture of conflict avoidance prevents raising problems and nurture hidden conflicts
  • Agile practices, first introduced by an internal Agile enthousiast, need an expert to raise the bar and straighten up several practices as the business scales up
  • Most profiles are young (under 30), most product owners and Scrum Masters are new to the role and untrained

Approach – organisation aligned on a product vision + coach performance driven behaviors

1. Align CxO & Product Owners on a shared product vision

  • Product workshop : 2 days offsite to reframe product vision, targetted users, user experience, story map and roadmap
  • Coach Product Owners with attention to leadership posture toward their team

2. Setup entreprise-wide product ownership through LeSS oriented organisation and practices

  • Shift organisation toward Feature Teams & Chapters
  • Multi-team backlog setup and associated rituals
  • Scaled agile estimates & planning

3. Inspire performance driven behaviors in teams

  • Coach Scrum Masters as Agile Facilitators
  • Use retrospective as a safe space to explore radical candor-type behaviors (caring disagreement, assertive reformulation, personal feedbacks, …)
  • Use PDCA to seek improvement opportunities (collective problem analysis, decision follow up)
  • Unleash visual management (walls as information radiator)
  • Review and improve Agile rituals

4. A renewed sense of purpose brings a new forward momentum within 2 months

  • ⅓ of features were de-prioritized, several team effort redirected toward more disruptive features, bringing more innovation edge
  • Taking advantage of this capability, the company entered two new target markets to solidify growth
  • Following the work on product vision, CEO led a brainstorm on the entreprise mission and day to day emphasizing on the enterprise culture
  • Staff turnover went from standard to none for the next six month, while still scaling up
  • Several young profiles stepped up and asked for more involvment in the organisation

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