How to confront ideas with your team / 21-03 at Nulab Drinking Code meetup

I’ll be in Changi Business Park to talk about something I deeply care about: confronting your opinion with others. 2 reasons it’s close to my heart

Nulab Drinking Code March 2019 - Product Management
  1. it’s a key skill of high performance teams (see books like Radical Candor, Creative Inc, etc) and I love when teams kicks ass
  2. it makes people’s life better at work and in life eventually

Product Management, Strategy & Leadership

Thursday, Mar 21, 2019, 6:40 PM

51 Changi Business Park Central 2 Singapore, al

33 Members Went

It’s time for another Nulab #DrinkingCode! This edition of our meetup will be on Product Management, and we have invited 3 speakers to share their experience & insights. They are: – Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead at honestbee – Giom, Enterprise Agile Coach at Giom Consulting – Mike Dickinson, CPO at Xendit ——————- Talks —————…

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For a broader take on the subject, you can refer to my session at Voxxed Days SG’18 “Developer under Influence” that these lovely fellows have recorded (47 minutes though, and very dense)

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