Steering the ship: integrate risks (a sailing story)

For as much time we spend estimating a project, it is just one likely scenario among many others. Agile teams are not shy of this, overthinking story points estimates and velocity. It doesn’t mean estimates should be thrown away, but that it should be completed with risk management at least (or its big brothers, scenario-based planning, real options, etc.).

My most vivid and teaching experience comes from a memorable adventure in my youth, sailing through the Channel islands that taught me real-life risk management metaphors that I ended up applying in my practice. Here’s how we did the pilotage plan and how it turned out.

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Scrum Master: 5 keys to hit the ground running

Scrum Master is very different in nature than many enterprise roles., This can be very disorienting. As I care for people to start their Agile Journey with confidence, here are on top of my head 5 tips for Scrum Masters to get started.

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Encouraging team’s freedom : how much is enough ?

When talking with directors about how to enable collective intelligence and co-responsability in their teams, they usually find me too strict regarding their own behavior.

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[Video] Looking for remote Agile tools? Think remote supplies instead

Since the pandemic, I feel that the focus on tools instead of practices has been on overdrive.

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To improve people’s work, stay in the work context

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a general unease about bringing non-work related elements in order to improve a work-related situation.

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