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Health facts

It seemed he had to be pushed really hard, too hard because he finally resigned in the middle of the year (*) •           2007 national convention was cancelled ; records says the organizing club has been chosen only 12 month before the date, which is way too short compared to previous editions (it is usually planned 2 years ahead) •           at national coordination, there is a list of closing clubs that is incremented almost every 2 month (*) Disclaimer : only my humble interpretation, as i’ve been involved in that story Recuring impressions gathered from interviews with “the patient” (= the rotaractors) : •           “each project is hardly completed. … When asked if these are traditions, or if it has a real meaning, “We always did that way” seems a recurring answer • (interpretation : I think it is a collective behaviour that organisations tend to adopt when they don’t feel safe about their integrity ; it is a collective response to a feeling of weakness, you prefer to not risk to loose something when you think you won’t gain anything) Some non factual comments of your “assistants” after observing “the patient” : •           clubs do less common projects than they used to ; nation-wide processes gets erratic (see previous articles) => it seems that information do not flow very well along the “patient’s body” •           clubs rarely call others for help now, which means to me they do not think about the other rotaractors as a source of help => it seems their overall unity gets weaker •           because of the turn-over, patient barely knows how it was “before”, and the past is told more like urban legend than like facts => it seems patient has little memory Now, Doctor, considering the symptoms, what would you say about the state of your patient ?